Foster these essentials skills as a teacher before stepping into 2020

Foster these essentials skills as a teacher before stepping into 2020

“When we think we know, we cease to learn.” - Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

Teaching is one of the world’s most unique professions. As a teacher, you touch and shape countless lives, each of which is in a different stage of learning and growing. What you teach your students impacts them throughout their lives. That’s why, in addition to being knowledgeable, you need to be able to plan and execute your teaching strategy. And to do that, you must have the right skills and the right tools. A recent study pointed out that 45% of Indian teachers lack adequate training. Only 25% taught via the activity-based learning method while barely 33% use storytelling techniques.

A teacher’s quality of instruction shapes a student’s quality of learning. Therefore, armed with relevant interpersonal skills, this journey could prove to be successful.

Know How to Communicate
Before being able to communicate with your students, having a deeper understanding of the subject should be your foremost priority. Thereafter, communicating what your area of expertise becomes your next, crucial step. Your communications skills will play an important role in passing along knowledge of any particular subject to a student.

There are a number of learning options to help improve communication skills. If you wish to bridge a communication skill gap, click here. The ability to communicate well makes the teaching process easier and helps students gain a better understanding of the subjects and topics taught.

Be Adaptable and Imaginative


Textbooks and syllabi are constants, but students aren’t. Year in and year out, you can rely on material in textbooks to remain the generally same. Students, on the other hand, are different variables put together. Every few years, with the advent of new technologies and increasing digitalisation of everything around us, the mindsets of children are also changing. That’s why, you, as a teacher must have an adaptable approach towards teaching and dealing with students.

Change your methods according to the personalities of the students and the situation. Use your imagination along with knowledge to teach the class. For example, you can tackle difficult topics by weaving them into stories.

Embrace Continuous Learning

Keep working towards increasing your knowledge as you teach your students. Make sure that your methods are not out-dated and that you are able to engage students’ distracted minds. Content with relatable examples at hand will help you better explain a subject matter.

Stick to continuous learning with different options that include persistent research, new reading materials that you can find online and offline. Attend workshops and seminars that could help you stay updated in the world of educators.

Build Strong Organizational Skills

There will be times when you will have to juggle between multiple tasks. Knowing where to start becomes your core challenge. Stay on top of your paperwork like keeping track of assignments, permission slips, grading, and parent communications. So, plan ahead of all this by maintaining a calendar. To make scheduling and organization even more effective, we recommend you learn to use a spreadsheet to help you maintain a proper record of your daily to-do’s and done lists.


As a teacher, how you manage your time, syllabus, and organise your time-table says volumes about your approach to life.

Collaborate with Other Teachers


Working with other members of the education faculty can help create a quality teaching environment. You may not be able to manage everything by yourself even though you may work towards upgrading your skills. Collaborating with others can help strengthen your skills while applying them to work.

How you can work with other teachers to make this happen:

  • discuss and create effective professional development opportunities for teachers;
  • develop a program to use alternative teaching techniques; or
  • analyse and review the performance of the methods used for teaching and whether all methods apply to each student.

Teaching is a job that requires perseverance, dedication, hard work, and above all, patience. As we approach Teacher’s Day this year, aim to perfect your skills as an educator. And in the coming year, begin your journey with confidence and the will to embrace change.